Heaven Awakening Path Ch-19

Click Here for the chapter. I think things will get interesting from hereon.

Heaven Awakening Path Ch-18 And a bit of sad news…

NG has been ill for this whole week. I don’t know how he is doing at the moment. So, I don’t think there would be any chapters of Immortal Executioner this week. Hopefully, he would be better by Monday and the releases will resume.





Shrouding The Heavens Ch-1

Here is the first chapter of this awesome XianXia. I tried to adjust the synopsis a little bit. Check it out and do tell me if I should revert it back to the original one. And one more thing…. 31 chapters are already translated at FungShen. My translations might be or actually, will be a little different from there. It was the reason I decided to do it from the scratch. So, if you are new and want to get a gist of the series, you can head over there.

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