Immortal Executioner (Zhan Xian)

In his past life, when Yang Chen was good to people, he lived an oppressed life. After being given another chance at life by the heavens, he chose to become an executioner. The executioner’s blade mediates all gratitude and all grudges. Chop! Chop! Executing common people in the thousands. In the world of humans, he executes humans! In the world of monsters, he executes monsters! In the world of demons, he executes demons! And in the world of immortals, he executes immortals! This is the story of Yang Chen.


NOTE- All chapters have been edited.

synopsis picked up from theguywhosthere (and now re-done)

Chapters here


14 thoughts on “Immortal Executioner (Zhan Xian)

  1. danglycoochiejammer

    I’m writing a glossary for this novel, and i need a few issues in regards to my synopsis description for the protagonist based on what was said in the 1st chapter of the novel (reading from Bagelson’s TL).

    1. The MC ascended two times, from the mortal to the spiritual world, from the spiritual to the immortal world. Was he confined by the Profound Heaven Sect sponsor only while ascending to the Spiritual World, or was he confined 2 times for both of his ascensions (Mortal > Spiritual, Spiritual > Immortal)?
    2. The chapter implied that the Greatest Heaven Sect master (who drove his beautiful master to suicide) became the vice-master of the Profound Heaven Sect, and a sponsor for the sect, in the Spiritual and Immortal Worlds. Is this correct? That the very same person is being talked about here?
    3. Inferring from the 2nd and 1st question: Is the road of ascension one place? That is to say, the road is where all people who ascend pass through whether mortal > spiritual, or spiritual > immortal, with the path diverging into where the end location of their ascent is? Or are there two different places?


    • NG

      Sorry for replying this late, I was busy with some things. First, I will answer your third question. It would be very clear to you if you had read Bagelson’s explanation on his blog which is written on the index page there. As for the second question the same person who was Greatest Heaven Sect’s Master became the Vice Master of Profound Heaven Sect and I think you have misunderstood the meaning of sponsor, the sponsor here is not a person rather it means that the Profound Heaven Sect in spiritual world supported the Greatest Heaven Sect in the mortal world and backed it. As for the first question he was confined both times by the sect backing Greatest Heaven Sect in spiritual world and then in the world of immortals. I hope this satisfies your query


  2. agila0212

    I find this novel comparable to ISSTH and TDG. Really love the MC which always does awesome things like the MC of ISSTH and TDG 😀

    I really hope you guys edit the some chapters especially the earlier once since there are many errors and confusing parts. I almost gave up on this novel when I first read it but continued since the review from NovelUpdates about this series was excellent.

    Thank you so much for translating this awesome novel and I hope this novel gains more popularity.


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